Mardi 28 Mai 2019 - 13:20 au Lundi 17 Juin 2019 - 13:20

Got ideas for a better world? Free online course for you.

The British Council’s new online course will teach you how to lead change through policy making. Supported by the Møller Institute, Churchill College, University of Cambridge. With special guest speakers from the United Nations, UK House of Lords and The Elders. You will learn more about making policy and how to develop your leadership skills, as well as creating your very own policy action plan.

Whether it is climate change, access to education, technology advancement, or tackling inequality whatever you care about, take the course to empower yourself to make a bigger impact through policy making. 

It is completely free to take part, with a free certificate for everyone who completes the four-week course.    

Join the course here – #FLPolicyLeaders

Course starts online Monday 10 June 2019.