Vendredi 08 Février 2019 - 14:00 au Mardi 19 Février 2019 - 23:00

The British Council Morocco is looking for a consultant who can provide technical assistance in the following two areas:

 (A) Technical assistance to undertake the scoping of the quality assurance systems, processes and stakeholders in Morocco.

 (B) Technical assistance to develop a system collaboration project proposal drawing conclusions from the results of the scoping reports from each participating country

 This request is for technical assistance to provide a QA Scoping Report detailing the structure of quality assurance of higher education in Morocco. The report will inform a substantial system to system collaboration project, managed by the British Council in conjunction with local government, commencing in April 2019.

 The three-year system collaboration project will be a multi-country Quality Assurance in Higher Education project in the Maghreb region of MENA and include participation from Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco and Egypt. The project will work through regional government, higher education agencies and individual HEIs and the equivalent stakeholders in the UK. The overall aim is to support current quality assurance systems and processes for higher education as a vehicle to improve student outcomes and employability and increase collaboration between Maghreb countries and the UK.

 The system collaboration project is expected to start in April 2019 until April 2022.

In order to define the project and its outcomes, we are looking to undertake a scoping of the quality assurance systems, processes, practice and ambitions in each of the participating countries.

 The scoping reports for each participating country will then be used to develop a system collaboration project proposal including a theory of change, achievable outcomes, detailed work plans and the identification of potential partners and stakeholders.

 For more information please read the terms of reference below.

If you would like to apply for this technical assistance opportunity, please provide a proposal by Tuesday 19th February 2019 including your contact details.

 Please send your applications to Kenza El Mohajir (