As part of Young Mediterranean Voices programme, the British Council is looking for a number of organisations that will be responsible for establishing debate clubs, managing cascade training of debate skills and meetings with participants at targeted countries level. 

These organisations, known as ‘Debate Hubs’ will be responsible for supporting delivery of debate training and will establish Debate Clubs. Debate Clubs have a minimum of fifteen participants and give young women and men the opportunity to practice their debate skills. Debate Hubs will co-ordinate inter and intra-Hub competitions. In October 2019, eight National Debate Forums will be held, which will give some Debate Clubs the opportunity to debate competitively at national level.

What’s Young Mediterranean Voices?
YOUNG MEDITERRANEAN VOICES is a 3 year programme, primed to become the central flagship regional youth network connecting civil society, education institutions and policy-makers across Europe and the Southern Mediterranean countries.

The overall objective of Young Mediterranean Voices programme is to: “Empower young people to enhance a culture of dialogue, to contribute to public policy and shape media discourses, and to create a shared understanding with peers across the Mediterranean on how to address issues of common concern to their communities.

Which countries are included in the South Mediterranean neighborhood?
Algeria, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon,Libya, Morocco, Palestine and Tunisia

Hubs will be required to undertake the following activities:

1. Reach out to potential young women and men within the hub geographic remit by holding information sessions at universities, youth centres and organisations or others, to brief them about YMV programme and encourage them to be part of the programme.

2. Organising and run two-day face to face training in debate skills for Debate Clubs (National Cascade Training). The training will be delivered to all Debate Clubs using Young Mediterranean Voices materials provided by the British Council. Training will be delivered by a Peer Facilitator, trained by the British Council. Cascade Training is a minimum of two days of face to face training.

3. Selecting Debate Clubs to receive the training described at point 2 above following a transparent and fair process agreed in advance with the British Council. The final list of Clubs is to be approved by the British Council and the British Council maintains the right to reject proposed Clubs if there is reason to believe that the agreed selection process has not been followed as such. A team is considered a club when its members are a minimum of 15 young women and men from 18 to 25 years old.

4. Organising at least four meetings with each Debate Club to provide their members with core debate training and opportunities to practice debate activities. Meetings are to take place in a venue agreed between the Hub and the Debate Club as well as the Peer Facilitators.

5.To attend the country YMV launch meeting.

6.To agree a delivery plan and calendar of training with the Peer Facilitator(s) allocated to the Hub by the British Council.

7. Hubs will be responsible for all logistics for the cascade Training, including venue hire, catering, printing of materials. Hubs are responsible for paying a travel and meal allowance to the Peer Facilitator. Travel and meal allowances are to follow British Council global travel rates. The relevant travel rate will be shared in the pre-bid briefing. 

8. Hubs will be required to adhere to guidance issued by the British Council with regard to safety, security and branding for events delivered under the YMV programme.  Hubs must adhere to YMV Communication and Visibility requirements as requested.

9. To share the list of the participants from their debate clubs with British Council before starting with the cascade trainings including: Name, email address, contact number, regions, age, sex, name of the organisation/institution he/she came from and to ensure that Data Protection statements are signed and shared with the British Council. Templates for this will be provided.

10. To actively promote information from the British Council and the wider Young Mediterranean Voices programme to participants in Debate Clubs to enable them to participate in annual debate competitions and other programme activities.

11. To provide all the documents needed to the British Council to be created as vendors as well as for the British Council to conduct necessary screening processes. Successful Hubs will be required to undertake online Child Protection training provided by the British Council before starting with any of the cascade trainings.

12. To organise inter-Hub and intra-Hub competitions between Debate Clubs to select the teams to participate in the National Debate Forum as requested by the British Council.

13. Monitoring and evaluation of events (training and meetings) including recording motions used for debates, using tools developed by the Young Mediterranean Voices programme and provided by the British Council.

14. To manage and report on the budget as required, including providing proof of expenditure.

How to Apply?

Submit your tender response as described in the RFP attached. All documents required as part of your tender response should be submitted in English* toYMV@britishcouncil.orgby the Response Deadline 28 March 2019, as set out in the Timescales section of this RFP. Please include the country for which you are applying in the subject line of your email.

The British Council will run a pre-bid webinar on Thursday 7 March at 10:00 GMT to explain the bidding process. To register your interest, please email by 5 March 2019 stating the country for which you are applying.

*interested organisations who require an Arabic version of the bidding documents will have to send a request email to

* على المنظمات المهتمة بالبرنامج والتي تحتاج إلى نسخة عربية من وثائق المزايدة إرسال رسالة بريد إلكتروني إلى