University governance

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Many public universities across the Middle East and Northern Africa (MENA) region operate in a highly centralised system. They are part of state bureaucracy and do not consider university governance.

We bring academics and university leaders together to discuss global education challenges including; university governance, quality assurance and assessment evaluation.

These discussions aim to:

  • increase the quality and sustainability of higher education
  • advance our knowledge through collaboration and reform agendas
  • develop trust and long term relationships between individuals and between the UK and Morocco
  • share best practices in reviewing policy, strategy, funding of higher education and quality assurance processes.

Building the skills of faculty members

British Council Morocco run capacity building workshops for university faculty members who will be involved in reviewing faculties and universities as part of the Moroccan National Agency evaluation. Participants will discuss strategy and acquire practical skills, which will make them effective quality auditors.

Higher education regional conference 

How can we get higher education institutions to operate efficiently whilst enabling their leaders to experiment and innovate without micro-management? This was the main theme of the Higher education regional conference ‘Fixing the Model: from University Management to University Governance’. The conference took place on 4-5 February 2014 in Rabat. It was organised by the British Council Morocco in partnership with the Moroccan Ministry of Higher Education, Scientific Research and Executive training, ISESCO and the African Development Bank.

This is the third higher education conference in Morocco, which is part of a series of regional conferences. The series encourages participating countries to review their higher education reform policies and increase graduate employability.

Mr. Lahcen Daoudi, the Moroccan Minister of Higher Education, Scientific Research and Professional Training, agreed that “the Moroccan university has to take part in the regional and international universities network, which is necessary to its development and the enhancement of good governance under the umbrella of a prospective approach adapted to the international economic conjuncture”.