The British Council in Morocco commissioned an independent survey to gain a better understanding of the demand and appetite for the English language among the next generation in Morocco. The survey of over 1,200 respondents aged 15 - 25 measured the shift to English among Moroccan youth across the country.

 In a report titled ‘Shift to English in Morocco’ launched on 23 April 2021 to coincide with UN English Language Day, the survey reveals the growing popularity among young people of English, as well as a recognition of its importance for their and the country’s future.


More than two-thirds of young Moroccans believe English is set to replace French as Morocco’s primary foreign language within 5 years.

  • 74% believe the shift to English will benefit the country’s ambitions to become an international business and tourism hub. They also believe English will assist them in their education and career aspirations.
  •  85% expect the number of young Moroccans using English to increase over the next decade.
  •  82% of respondents have positive associations with English.
  •  65% of young Moroccans regard English as important, 62% feel the same about Arabic and 47% about French.

“English is the language of the future” one respondent said. “Everyone is turning to the English language because of its dominance on the internet” said another.

 English appears to be gaining ground as young people recognise its value and importance in today’s world.

  •  When asked which languages were the most important to learn, 40% choose English, while only 10% mentioned French. English is considered slightly more important to learn than Arabic, with 65% and 62% respectively believing each language is either the most important or important to learn.
  • Young people are much more likely to recommend learning English than either Arabic or French.
  • They see English as a global language, the language of science, of business, the internet, the future.

 To read the full version of the report, please click on the link below.