Our new beginner course for adults is the first step to get you on track for English proficiency. We help you to find your voice and feel connected, enabling you to become a global citizen in a world of opportunity. Classes are led by highly qualified teachers who provide expert direction, motivating you to advance your English language skills.

The course will promote confidence in the use of English, thanks to our communicative methodology and the dynamic and immersive classrooms.  We enable you to learn better together in positive and inclusive learning environments where you can exchange ideas and help each other grow. 

During the course you will learn how to exchange information about yourself with other people, talk about your life and your daily routines, describe other people and things as well as talk about food and drink.

You will :

  • learn in an interactive classroom with students who are a similar level to yourself
  • be provided with all the materials at no extra charge
  • learn language that will help you in everyday situations
  • have lots of opportunities to practice the language you learn
  • be supported offline as well as online through our learning platforms
  • have access to activities you can do to prepare yourself for each lesson and also after each lesson to review the material

Course overview : 


You will have 2 x 90 minute lessons a week and the total length of the course is 8 weeks.

The course is divided into four modules and you can join the course at the beginning of every two modules. You will need to complete all 4 modules on the course. On the first day of the course you will have an induction on how to use the platform. You can join the course on the following dates:

Tuesday and Friday Class:

  • 1 December 
  • 15 January
  • 16 February

Wednesday and Thursday Class:

  • 2 December
  • 16 January
  • 17 February
Price  2400 MAD 
Course format 

Online in secure Zoom classes

We help you stay on track with ongoing expert feedback and guidance that responds to your goals, performance, and progress. You will be assessed every 2 weeks in writing and reading. Based on your assessment score and your preference, you can continue your learning journey in myClass Elementary.

Will I need to buy a book ?

We will provide a PDF version of the learning material that you can easily download on our platform.

How can I keep learning outside the course ?

You can continue your learning progress through the British Council learning hub, where you will find extra activities.

You can also join our Edmodo community to practise the language with new friends, have fun and inspire each other. 

How is the online course delivered ?

The online course uses a platform that will also provide you with the course materials, additional materials and you join your course through this platform. It is easy to use.

You will receive an induction on how to use the platform before your course starts