With over 4,000 members, the International Association Of Teachers Of English As A Foreign Language (IATEFL) is one of the largest communities of ELT teachers in the world.

IATEFL's mission to 'Link, develop and support English Language Teaching professionals' worldwide is achieved through:

  • regular publications, including six copies of the magazine IATEFL Voices and a free conference selections publication
  • the Annual International Conference with an extensive programme of talks and workshops, which attracts over 2,000 delegates
  • fifteen Special Interest Groups to help teachers develop their specialisations
  • reduced rates on a number of professional journals
  • scholarships to help teachers get involved in our Annual Conference, SIG events and online courses
  • links with Teachers' Associations in other countries for teachers to share knowledge and experience
  • assistance in helping new groups to establish their own local Teachers' Association, including advice on how they can make the most of support and funding benefits.

IATEFL in Morocco

The Moroccan Association of Teachers of English (MATE) is an associate member of IATEFL. Special Interested Groups and individuals affiliated with IATEFL have visited Morocco to share their professional experience with Moroccan teachers - and learn from us in Morocco.

We held an international conference with the Learning Technologies SIG in February 2012, and the IATEFL president, Carol Read, visited Morocco to deliver teacher training to over 600 teachers in December 2013.

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