Taqaddam, which means ‘moving forward’ in Arabic, is an innovative programme that develops life skills for young people across the Middle East and North Africa. The programme brings out the very best in students, building their self-confidence and equipping them with lifelong professional skills and personal strengths to help them in the next stage of their lives. Teachers who attend the programme are also inspired and find new techniques to engage and encourage their students.


In a fast-moving and complex world, young people face many challenges. Internationalisation brings with it opportunity but also increased competition. With many young people across the region facing unemployment, students need to learn skills for work and life. A big part of this is to understand more about themselves, be willing to try new things, and take time to think about how new situations make them feel.

‘The best thing about Taqaddam is that they talk with you about real life skills that you need in the present and will need in the future.’  Student, Egypt


Students learn to work as a team and gain the confidence to talk about their own strengths and weaknesses. By connecting with their peers and working towards a common goal, young people develop an awareness of their responsibilities as citizens and learn to embrace change.

‘Before I took Taqqadam I was very shy, when we introduced Taqaddam I felt my self-confidence become high, I can introduce myself properly now and everyone knows me and they like me.I now have the confidence to show my work.’  Student, Lebanon

By empowering young people in this way they become aware of their own potential to make positive changes to their lives and to their societies.


Teachers can also gain a great deal from Taqaddam. The programme develops an understanding of the value and importance of social and emotional skills and cultivates a productive and supportive national teacher network, which ultimately aims to improve wider teaching practice.

‘I have become a teacher who can lead students 100 times better than I did 12 years ago. Teaching grammar and vocabulary enriches my English, but teaching soft skills enriches my life.’  English teacher, Egypt


Our vision for Taqaddam in the future is to maintain excellence and increase impact by continuing to improve the programme’s core offer and enhancing the sustainability of the programme. Our future plans include building local capacities to support soft skills learning in the classroom. We also plan to expand our continuing professional development programme for teachers to create school enrichment programmes and systemic impact.

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