Karima discussing with Teresa Buckland from Shoreditch Trust about their social action project in Tahnaout.

Meet Karima Daoudi – an Active Citizen participant from Tahnaout/Marrakech-Morocco

Describe the experience of going through the Active Citizens training?

We went through a journey that moved us from self-awareness to understanding that we can take actions to make a change in our community. The training has enabled us to acquire new tools necessary for the setup of the social action project.

By the end of this exciting experience, we are able to say that we have made a significant contribution to the social development of our community and that we have made new professional and personal links with people across the world becoming part of a global network of Active Citizens.

What is the most important change did you notice in yourself following this programme?

The Active Citizens social leadership programme was an important step toward success. Thanks to this opportunity I have learnt to work very hard,  stretch beyond and always seek perfection in my work. It pushed me to be more creative and productive and because I believed in this programme, I became filled with passion, desire and motivation.

Has the programme changed your relationship with your community?

Since2015, I have worked to improve the conditions of the Tahnaout and Aghouatim Communities. Working closely with other active citizens on our Social Action Project (SAP), we have managed to create the Youth Center for Personal Development (YCPD);

Now I feel myself an active citizen who is able to make a real difference in my community;

The programme allowed me to have new experiences, meet and contact people in my community and help them to be effective and active, to be open-minded and to have the desire to make the positive change.

What have you achieved since participating in the programme?

I have helped in the development of the Youth Center for Personal Development (YCPD). It was initiated in December 2015 in the Community of Aghouatim, which is far about 40Km from Marrakech, an old cooperative of women building that was donated to the YCPD free of charge. YCPD is now a space for women, youth and children; it allows them to develop their skills, to share knowledge, to inspire, meet and talk. Through this space we have managed to bring all local isolated communities together to develop their capacities and give them ambition and the desire to be successful and powerful.

What was the biggest change you noticed from going through the programme?

As part of the programme I went on an International Study Visit to London in cooperation with Teresa Buckland, an active citizen from London, a health and wellness coach at Shoreditch Trust; an organisation which aims to improve the health and the wellbeing of people living or working in Hackney and the surrounding areas. We also visited many community projects and centres. Thanks to this visit, we met new people with different ideas and amazing experiences. I learnt about new organisations, programmes and trainings. I learnt to see similarities in our work. I learnt how to get the information, develop the knowledge and share it. I also learnt to keep trying until I reach my goal.

 What’s next? What are your plans for the future?

My passion in life now is helping people in communities to be involved in the development of our society. I want to share knowledge with them and develop new social projects.