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This regional project is funded by the British Government’s Arab Partnership Initiative. Young Moroccan Voices (YMV) is the local version of the regional programme, Young Arab Voices (YAV).

YAV relies on partnerships with non-governmental organisations, youth groups, cultural centres, schools and universities, as well as ministries in Jordan, Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Algeria and Morocco.

Bringing debating skills to young people in Morocco

Since its launch in 2012, YMV has mobilized more than 20,000 young people working in cultural, educational and non-governmental structures across Morocco.

Over 500 young Moroccans have been trained in debating skills. 75 cascade training sessions have been organised through partners across the country. 

In its first year, the programme organised 70 debates, including thirty local debate tournaments and two national debate tournaments. The topics varied from constitutional to educational reforms and had more than 20,000 attendees.

Engaging with people across the region

For the launch of YMV, we organised a debate, between six young representatives from all six Young Arab Voices countries.  The debate addressed the issue of Arab identities in the context of the changing regional landscape. Leading political figures from Morocco joined the youth, along with a live audience of civil society representatives. The debate was broadcast on television, radio. 45 million people across the region followed the event on France 24 Arabic and via Radio Monte Carlo Doualiya. More than 4 million people followed the debate online.

The view from the Anna Lindh Foundation

"Young Arab Voices is a pioneering programme. Firstly, in terms of the remarkable reach and impact the programme has already had across the Arab societies – actively engaging many thousands of youth from diverse social, geographical and political backgrounds. Secondly, in the way that two leading international institutions like the British Council and Anna Lindh Foundation have taken the strategic decision and bold approach to combine together their resources, networks and methodologies. It is a unique model of partnership in action and an effective response to the historic changes taking place across the MENA region"  Andreu Claret, Director Anna Lindh Foundation.