The English digital catalogue is a QR coded catalogue that aims to initiate and facilitate the use of ICT in English classes in years 9-10-11-12 by providing teachers of English online resources from the website that are mapped to the English coursebooks used in the Moroccan curriculum.


The LearnEnglish Teens website is the initial source of online resources that were indexed to the English coursebook. The links were thoughtfully selected by English Teachers to complement and support their classes and to meet their students’ level. Each QR code in the Digital Catalogue leads to a link on the LearnEnglish Teens website that complements a unit from 10 coursebooks. It could be a listening, writing, vocabulary, grammar exercise or lesson that the teachers of English and students can easily access in the classroom by scanning the codes provided in the QR code section.


The English Digital Catalogue can potentially be used with a variety of teacher audiences, for example:


inexperienced teachers or teachers in pre-service training who wish to use modern technologies in the classroom


teachers with no or little experience with strong e-skills who are not used to applying their skills within their teaching


experienced teachers with extensive teaching practice who are not familiar with the new technology and would like to use it whilst teaching


experienced teachers with strong e-skills who already use online resources in their teaching practice but would like to save time searching the internet for appropriate material.


This product is the fruit of a collaboration between the Moroccan Ministry of National Education, Vocational Training, Higher Education and Scientific Research and the British Council. It has been mapped by teachers, for teachers and reviewed by English language inspectors and CRMEF trainers to make sure that all the content is adapted to our English language teaching standards and to the Moroccan curriculum as we as ensuring it is culturally appropriate.