Last July was a rough month for Morocco, a record breaking heat wave swept across several regions of the country, sparking an outbreak of 20 fires that burned more than 1200 hectars of forest.

The damages were heavy especially in the ALLYENE forest, which was affected by a major fire that destroyed more than 40% of the area. Given the role that the forest plays in reducing global warming, climate change and the carbon level in the air, the Academy Of Change Association, decided to take action, and set up an apiary to restore life in the area and boost its environmental activity. 

The purpose of the project was to exploit the presence of bees in order to increase agricultural production and contribute to the development of the region’s economy that suffered due to an unprecedented fire outbreak. 

The project was also focused on raising awareness among students and cooperatives of the region about the importance of bees in maintaining the ecological balance and preserving the environment. 

The impact of the project can be illustrated in restoring the environment activity in the region by implementing the apiary due to their important role in pollinating plants and trees, fruits and vegetables. Bees also play a major role in climate regulation and economic stability as they increase crops’ yields. The presence of the apiary improved agricultural production and contributed to the development of the region’s economy by creating small job opportunities.

The project enhanced the knowledge of students about the importance of bees in preserving the environment by addressing some environmental issues while supporting local  cooperative in growing their businesses.