After the registration closing date, once you have registered for a Cambridge English exam no refund or rescheduling is possible.

We are able to refund your examination fee for medical reasons only. 

If this is the case, you must provide a medical certificate to support your request. You need to complete a refund form and you must submit it with the supporting documents to the British Council within 5 days after the test date. You will receive a refund less 400 MAD (admin fee).

All approved requests for refund are processed after the examination session. 

No refund will be issued if you cannot attend due to a timetable clash with a local or other examination (e.g. Baccalauréat, etc.).

Fees cannot be transferred to a later exam period or from one level of examination to another.

Refunds are only given if you miss the entire exam (all papers).

Other changes 

  • Candidates can request to change the exam date 2 weeks before the registration closing date.
  • The date and the venue (examination centre) of the written, listening and speaking parts of the examination cannot be changed.