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7 Free steps to prepare for IELTS with the British Council:

1) Road to IELTS :

Test drive: Access the free Test Drive version through the following link: and you will be able to start your online preparation with around 10 hours content.

 Last minute version: Access the Last Minute version is free for registered IELTS candidates. Once your registration to the IELTS test is payed and confirmed, you will receive a personal code by e-mail, giving you access to around 30 hours content of online preparation.

Full version: Access the full content, around 120 hours of online preparation, for a reduced fee (300 DH instead of 500 DH), by following one of the 2 options her under:

Pay In person at the British Council Rabat or Casablanca. You will then receive your personal access code within 5 days from the day of your payment.

Pay by bank transfer to one of British Council Morocco bank accounts: Societe Generale (SGMB) : 022810000091002834738023 (Rabat), or 022810000091002834747723 (Casa), then send an e-mail with your request and your proof of payment to You will then receive your personal access code within 5 days from the day of your e-mail

2) Free IELTS preparation session: These sessions will give you an overview of what to expect on the test day and help you improve your test score .Like our facebook page to be notified of all upcoming free preparation sessions.

3) Free IELTS practice tests: Prepare and time yourself to develop your exam technique. exams-ielts-intro

4) Mobile applications:

British Council “1001 ways” is a fun and educative app that allows you to learn English accents from all over the world.

British Council IELTS Word Power is a free vocabulary practice app for IELTS test takers.

British Council “IELTS Tips” is a useful app where every day you will receive a valuable tip on the Listening, Reading, Speaking or Writing, as wellas general advice on how to prepare for your IELTS test.

5) Ask The IELTS Expert: Join AsktheIELTSexpert group to get your queries answered by our IELTS experts

6) Free MOOC: Online preparation course by experienced IELTS educators. Sign in for free and join the next course.

7) Tips on taking IELTS:

Watch videos from successful IELTS test takers

on how they prepared for IELTS.


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