Pathways is an online English solution.

It is specially designed to meet the needs of organisations for whom English language learning is a priority, but have large numbers of employees, members or students.

Pathways typically consists of:

  • an Aptis entry exam
  • an online course
  • an Aptis exit test.

It can be customised to your organisation's needs and can include more British Council English learning products and tools such as regular face-to-face teaching, LearnEnglish apps, and plenary conferences.

Pathways measures progress and effort demonstrated by the learner rather than their level of English knowledge. It focuses on skills improvement.

LearnEnglish Pathways details 

Online course

Course content

  • The online course is made up of six units each focusing on a different theme (e.g. family, travel, jobs and culture). Each theme is explored through audio recordings, text, images and video.
  • Each unit is divided into five sections, which contain five to ten activities. Activities can be quizzes, gap filling, drag-and-drop, matching, grouping, etc. The Elementary level also contains a video section in each unit. The sections finish with a summary and a mini test.
  • Learners are continuously supported via a closed Facebook group and through a dedicated support team.

How is the online content delivered?

  • LearnEnglish Pathways materials are available on the British Council’s Moodle learning environment.
  • The materials can also be installed on your learning management system as Pathways is SCORM 2007 compliant. This means that an organisation with their own learning management system can offer Pathways directly to their students or staff.
  • Learners are provided with individual accounts on the British Council Moodle system. They can check their progress and scores, which are automatically recorded in the system’s gradebook. Supervisors are also able to check all their learners’ progress and scores.


  • Pathways can be delivered intensively or over a longer period, and you can choose the start and end dates of the course. 

Why Aptis?

  • You can learn about Aptis by visiting our Aptis page.
  • The Aptis test can be adapted to suit specific sectors, such as teaching or travel and tourism. Content can also be customised to suit specific cultural contexts and variants of English. You choose when, how and in what way to test, to ensure you get the results you need. Targeted testing means more informative results, helping you refine your training.

Communications support

  • We can create an internal communications campaign for your organisation before the start of the learning process.
  • The campaign should drive interest and ensure that your employees are fully engaged.