Give your child the chance to learn over 200 English words and improve their essential skills with our educational app bundle.

Our range of apps are designed for children aged 2-6 to learn English at home. There are three apps available which can be downloaded individually or you can save over 20% by downloading all three in our Learning Time with Timmy Pack.  


  • Challenging games that boost your child’s listening, cognitive and motor skills.
  • No in-app purchases or adverts.
  • Games that help boost your child’s vocabulary, hand-eye coordination and concentration.
  • A great way for your child to practise their colours and numbers. 
  • Stickers and video rewards help keep your child motivated to progress through the app.
  • Intuitive design that has been developed using feedback from parents and children.


  • Colourful and exciting games that reward them with stickers and videos
  • Sticker scenes and videos to unlock!
  • Encouragement from their favourite characters!
  • Fun while learning and practising new skills.

Price: 6.99 USD or equivalent 

Find out more about each app below:

Learning Time With Timmy 1 - 1st Words in English

Timmy and his friends support your child to play three exciting games that will help them develop their English language skills.

Your child can learn over 60 new words including numbers, colours, shapes, food, animals and toys. 

Download Learning Time with Timmy 1 from the AppleGoogle Play or Amazon app store

Learning Time With Timmy 2- Learning new skills

The second app boosts your child’s vocabulary and develops their cognitive skills such as identifying, sorting and concentration.

Games like ‘Magic Box’ and ‘Rub-a-Dub’ build on skills covered in the first app, while children learn new skills to identify different objects in the game ‘I-Spy’.

As they progress, objects get harder to find, requiring serious focus!

Download Learning Time with Timmy 2 from the AppleGoogle Play or Amazon app store

Learning Time With Timmy 3- Starting To Read

The third app in the ‘Learning Time with Timmy’ series features a reading game, new videos, stickers and party themes to help young children learn English.

With this app, children will learn over 60 new English words, review vocabulary from the first two ‘Learning Time with Timmy’ apps and boost their cognitive and memory skills.

Download Learning Time with Timmy 3 from the AppleGoogle Play or Amazon app store

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