Our teachers are early years experts

As an organisation we have been helping children learn English for over 75 years and we always ensure that we employ the latest learning strategies in our centres.

All of our teachers have a first degree and a relevant teaching qualification to teach young children, with a minimum of two years’ experience. 

Newly recruited teachers attend a specific Learning Time with Shaun and Timmy training and induction programme, where they are immersed in our methodology. 

Our teachers take a personalised approach to teaching by planning lessons according each individual child’s development and needs.

They also provide you with regular feedback on your child’s progress and offer tips on how you can continue your child’s learning at home.

We strive for excellence in teaching 

British Council regularly inspects all teaching operations to ensure that procedures and systems are in place to guarantee our high standards of quality. 

Our organisation is committed to continuous professional development and our teachers are observed regularly to ensure that we are providing your child with the best quality learning experience.

As teaching professionals our centre staff are continually reflecting on their own development plans and collaborating with teachers across our global network to make use of all our expertise.