Since February 2013 the British Council has trained over 100 teachers at the OAPAM schools for the blind and visually impaired in Marrakech and Casablanca.

Our expert trainers have improved the skills and knowledge of teachers, administrators and parents. Together these partners have developed a fantastic, committed and talented training team, which benefits over 250 pupils at these institutions.

About the OAPAM schools

The OAPAM schools provide a unique service, a specialised education for blind and visually impaired young people. 

The school’s overall aim is to enable these pupils to lead as independent and regular a life as possible. One of the teachers at the school, who is himself blind, told us, "I do not have a disability; it is society which disables me".

About the British Council training

This project aims to break down the barriers our society places in the path of the blind and visually impaired. It will not be easy to change perceptions.  However, we are hoping to make a difference by ensuring that the teachers of these young people benefit from the most up-to-date research about teaching to the blind and visually impaired.

Building the confidence of the teachers can in turn build the confidence of the blind and visually impaired pupils. They will hopefully learn that they should not, and need not, be disabled by their society.

The British Council will continue working with the teachers that we have trained. We will also continue to expand the impact of the programme by training teachers at all OAPAM schools in Morocco.