©Joseph Ouechen, Youssoufia   

British Council and OCP Fondation organise the first edition of "Street Art Caravan", a true celebration of urban art in the Moroccan public space.

The Street Art Caravan aims to awaken the interest of the Moroccan public for urban art especially graffiti, not only through artistic performances that will be conducted in the public space, but also through the various workshops that are going to be organised in collaboration with University and local associations.

 Time and place

In its desire for discovery and exploitation, this caravan has decided, for its first edition, to leave behind the beaten tracks of the Casa-Rabat-Marrakech axis and to cross and live temporarily in the cities of Youssoufia, Safi and benguerir, each in turn:

Youssoufia: from 26 February to 6 March 2016

Safi: from 20 to 29 May 2016

Benguerir: from 22 to 30 October 2016

Caravan Imagination

The most noticeable discipline is going to be that of graffiti on the walls and urban structures, lettring the giant murals through stencils or stickers. It’s a discipline that forges a strong bond between the walls, the people and the spirit of a city. Every brush stroke, each spray is a sown seed for writing the history of a city.

The caravan aims to create on its way, and every city which it crosses a genuine transmission of street art. Especially to inspire people of all ages and categories through the creativity of guest artists, to appropriate the public space and use it to express themselves more spontaneously.

Caravan Sharing

In order to bring the values of sharing which are conveyed by the Street Art Caravan, the program intend to include a collective wall. It is, in fact, about joining for few days the talents of several Moroccan semi-professional artists selected for their personal touch. An action whose mission is a reflection of the spirit of the caravan: to settle in a city in order to boost creation, uniting artists from different regions of Morocco and encourage exchanges among national and international artists.

Caravan Transmission

Besides the artistic aspect, setting up workshops is a way to create collective synergy to:

• Raise awareness of the participants to a form of modern creation

• be part of a collective project

• demonstrate independence and initiative

• derive satisfaction from their individual involvement

• contribute in improving the environment

• develop social and civic competences

Caravan Artists

The Caravan will also allow international and national street artists, graffiti artists and muralists to meet around an event involving participation of the inhabitants and professionals of the arts community.