The British Council and Chatham House launched the  YAANI programme “ Young  Arab Analysts Network International “ in 2011 to pave the way for a future generation of Moroccan policy-makers and analysts and enable them to contribute significantly and effectively to the development of their communities.

The project offered a development programme which includes:

• Trainings

• Work based opportunities

• Networking opportunities

• Collaborations and residencies

• Coaching and Mentoring 

• Experiential  learning opportunities

What we have done :

• Training  offered to  more than three hundreds of young people, who have shared their knowledge with young people in different cities across Morocco 

• Study tours offered to more than nine young analysts.

•  The creation of new youth organization of Mena Policy Hub

• In cooperation with local partners, a series of policy debate forums has been run, which tackle some of the country’s most pertinent issues.

•  The development of more than six policy briefs ( The two policy briefs are available for download below).

• Cascade trainings provided for more than three hundred young leaders on the analysis of public policies in different parts of Morocco. 

• Policy debate was offered specially in our third edition to help analysts develop a scientific approach in the field of public policy analysis and encourage citizens to get involved in public debate.

 Our Reach:

• Trained over 3000 young analysts.  

• Engaged over thousands of face-to-face through study tours and policy debates.

• Offered more than  ten training modules.

• Published more than 12 papers.

• Support the creation of a new Mena Policy Hub.

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