Young people from vulnerable backgrounds often lack the skills and support to secure long-term employment. In Morocco, since 2004, there has been a large increase in the number of people from vulnerable backgrounds engaging in technical and vocational education. This population includes prisoners, school drops-outs, disabled people and beneficiaries of the National Initiative for Human Development.

The British Council is working in partnership with AIDA, al Bayti, Coleg Gwent, Coleg y Cymoedd and West Lothian College to develop a new approach to work-based learning programmes for young people from vulnerable backgrounds. The approach includes components of technical training, pastoral support and employer engagement to ensure that the young beneficiaries are supported in developing their skills and building their futures.

Project overview

The project was launched in June 2014. It addresses barriers faced by people from vulnerable backgrounds in their search for work across three locations simultaneously – Cardiff and Edinburgh in the UK, and Casablanca in Morocco.

The project aims to change the attitudes of employers towards this group and to actively develop the soft and life skills of the young people themselves. The partners will engage with local employers to establish a pathway to employment, apprenticeship or training for a group of fifteen young people facing difficulty in each location. In Morocco the project is being piloted in Bayti’s youth centre in Ain Sebaa.

Long-term vision

The ambition of the project is to create an innovative and effective approach to re-integration. One that can be replicated across all institutions in Morocco, which support young people from vulnerable backgrounds in their search for work.

The Ministry of Youth and Sports has expressed enthusiasm to roll out the programme in the fifteen public child protection centres to improve their current vocational training offer. Furthermore the methodology might provide a best practice example for the region.

Who’s involved?

We are working with a number of partners on the project.

  • AIDA is a development charity specialising in education and human rights programmes for young people. They are the main co-ordinating partner in Morocco.
  • Bayti was set up to support vulnerable communities in their struggle for access to justice, health and education. They will be the key implementing partner in Morocco.
  • West Lothian College is an FE college in Edinburgh, Scotland, with decades of experience working with ‘at-risk’ young people. They are mainly responsible for developing an effective employer-engagement strategy.
  • Coleg Gwent is a leader in working with young British NEETs (not in education, employment or training). Their role is focused on the learner and building staff capacity.
  • Coleg y Cymoedd is a Welsh FE college with many years’ experience in building effective education programmes for vulnerable learners. They will be offering technical support and input into the learning content and overall management of the project.

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