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Our work supports the Ministry of Higher Education, Scientific Research and Executive trainings and Moroccan universities increase graduate employment and compete internationally.

Our aim is for graduates to be employable. We encourage institutions to include the necessary skills (including soft skills) within their curricula. We also work with industry partners to identify ways in which we can better prepare graduates for the world of work.

How we help improve graduate employability

We create an impact in graduate employability through:

  • policy dialogues, conferences, seminars and round-tables
  • partnerships and academic links to increase our reach and impact
  • networks that share best practice and encourage innovation and reform
  • higher education intelligence including analysis and research.

Working closely with the Ministry of Higher Education

We organised a regional conference on graduate employability in March 2013. Lahcen, Minister of Higher Education, stated “Handling employability of graduates and enhancing their employability skills cannot be handled by one country, but there needs to be coordination between different countries through sharing expertise and best practices which is what this conference is doing”.

The British ambassador to Morocco, Clive Alderton added “graduate unemployment is a scourge right across the region which is not only deeply destructive for the young graduates who cannot find jobs, but also for the societies in which they live, and which their frustrations can easily destabilize. It is a problem, which governments, both within the region and outside it, are committed to solving, but which presents challenges on an often enormous scale and of great complexity.Through your participation in this conference you will be able to help address this issue through in-depth discussion of the problems facing higher education.”