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Following the residencies of Youssoufia and Benguerir, it was time for the Pop Up Studio to explore new horizons in search of new talents. In March 2017, and in close collaboration with the Fondation OCP, the British Council organized two musical residences in Safi and Khouribga. About twenty young amateur and semi-professional artists were selected following a call for participation in each city.

For a week, participants from each city had the opportunity to take part in several workshops on composition, marketing and communication as well as an unprecedented opportunity to record an original song in collaboration with a professional producer. In Safi, the residence was held at the Conservatory of Music in collaboration with the local Delegation of the Ministry of Culture, while in Khouribga the workshops were held in the new centre Khouribga Skills.

A public concert was organized at the end of each residency (at Cinema Atlantide in Safi and the Mediatheque in Khouribga), offering a great opportunity to our young talents to sing and perform live in front of family and friends and inhabitants of the city.

The next Pop Up Studio residency will be held in El Jadida from 25 to 30 September 2017.

Past Events

From 23 to 25 July 2015, the British Council and La Fondation OCP organised a programme of meetings with professionals in the Moroccan music scene as well as jam sessions for the young artists and participants of the previous editions of Pop Up Studio project. 

The goal of this event is to create a platform for promotion and exchange for creative Moroccan youth and different professionals especially broadcasters, producers, festivals representatives and cultural media. The event took place at HIBA Studio in collaboration with HIBA Foundation, Marock'Jeunes and Hit Radio as the official media partner.

From 25 to 30 July 2016, the British Council and Fondation OCP organised a new edition of the Pop Up Studio creative residency for young semi-professional musicians in the town of Youssoufia, in several disciplines: writing, composing, recording, musical production techniques, mixing, sound design, visual identity creation, marketing, promotion, coaching, etc in addition to a coaching formula for an artistic tour.

For this second Pop Up Studio residency, the British Council is collaborating with the Nerve Centre for the development of a dynamic and holistic programme focused on learning and skills development in the music industry. Four British trainers including Martin McGill, Director Music Programme and Accreditation at Nerve Centre and the artists and trainers David Lyttle, Glenn Rosborough and Martin Coyle work with thirty young musicians and artists from different cities including Youssoufia and Benguerir.

Pop Up Studio Project

Launched in 2013, the Pop Up Studio project is an initiative that aims to improve the competitiveness and the sustainable development of the contemporary music scene in Morocco. Launched as creative residencies, over 30 young talents have participated in the project and benefited from technical and creative support in the creation of their songs through the collaboration with British producers .

British Council has supported young musicians through the production and recording of their songs, written mainly in English and Arabic, belonging to the following musical repertoire: Rock, Pop, Rap and R & B. The periods of work during the residency were an opportunity for our young participants to finalize and develop new songs.

Pop Up Studio project is aimed at young Moroccan artists who do not have easy access to an equipped studio and professional support, focusing in regions of Marrakech, Youssoufia, Benguerir, Safi, El Jadida and Khouribga. Hence, musicians benefit both from a technical and promotional support from the British Council and its partners.


La Fondation OCP (add hyperlink to website) aims to contribute to human development among the most vulnerable populations in Morocco and Worldwide.

Driven by values of sharing and openness, the Fondation OCP every day support revolves around five major axes, driven directly by the Foundation or by the affiliated entities are as follows:

  • Social development;
  • Agricultural development;
  • The preservation of national and cultural heritage;
  • Training and Research;
  • Thinking and strategy.

La Fondation OCP also develops capacity for training and research with the University Mohammed VI Polytechnic, the School of Excellence of Benguerir as well as reflection and action through the think-tank OCP Policy Center.

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