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The British Council and Fondation OCP aim to bring together the Moroccan and British skills to improve the competitiveness and sustainable development of creative industries in Morocco. The design and ceramics are key areas that can add value to other creative industries and support the development of the local economy more generally.

The British Council and la Fondation OCP are pleased to announce the launch of a new initiative: the Design Explore, a training and development programme specifically designed for craftsmen in ceramics and pottery in Safi to help them develop their skills and creativity in the field of craft art and contemporary art.


Design Explore took place from April 2016 to January 2017 as an intensive four-week training spread throughout the programme period (4 days per session).

An art exhibition and symposium will be organized the 6th and 7th of March 2018 to showcase the participants’ new work while experts in design and ceramic from Morocco and the UK will be invited to talk about the current position of Moroccan ceramics and pottery and its potential prospects in today’s international market.


The Design Explore programme takes place in the coastal city of Safi.

The final showcase and symposium will take place in Rabat (venue and date TBC).

Programme Content 

Design Explore aims to boost participants' creativity in design ceramic / pottery / porcelain, and offers them the opportunity to develop their own unique product, with the help of international experts. The training includes practical activities on all aspects of the work of a designer:

  • Design
  • Materials choice
  • Quality and Conservation
  • Costing and pricing of product produced
  • Relations with the markets...etc.


This training is aimed at all types of artisans based and working in Safi:

  • Master craftsmen seeking to diversify their work to contemporary design
  • Artisans potters with knowledge passed from generation to generation
  • Members of associations or cooperatives
  • Youth who have completed a degree course in ceramics or in the design sector.

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